To-Go Paint Kits

POTTERY To-Go Paint Kits

New at Glazed & Amazed: To Go Paint Kits! To help add a little creativity to this craziness , we are offering paint kits to take home! Art is a great stress reliever, and we can all use that right about now. This is also a perfect way to add art to your new homeschooling curriculum, and keep those kiddos (and parents) happy. There is no extra charge for our painting kits, you just pay the price of your piece(s), everything else is included!

Just call ahead to let us know:

Thank you so much for continuing to support local during this trying time! Stay safe, and healthy, we hope to see you soon! 💜💚

Pottery and Colors to Choose From

View photos of our pottery, and available colors below! Kids figurines start at about photo #18, and the color sample tile is photo #31. To check pottery availability, and order your To-Go paint kit, give us a call at 425-673-5474. All pieces are labeled with individual price tags in the photos, if you are unable to make out a price, feel free to call us and ask!

NEW **8×10 acrylic canvas kits-includes 1 8×10 canvas with design traced on it, acrylic paints and 4 paint brushes, all for $25!