POTTERY To-Go Paint Kits

New at Glazed & Amazed: To Go Paint Kits! To help add a little creativity to your life , we are offering paint kits to take home! Art is a great stress reliever, and we can all use that right about now. This is also a perfect way to add art to your new homeschooling curriculum, and keep those kiddos (and parents) happy. The price of your piece will be 10% off (only for paint to go kits) and includes instructions and firing! Since you are getting a discount on the pottery you are able to purchase brushes and glaze. We have sets of 10 brushes available for just $7, which get to stay home with you for future projects!

Just call ahead to let us know:

Thank you so much for continuing to support local during this trying time! Stay safe, and healthy, we hope to see you soon! 💜💚